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You can’t fight in here! This is the War Room.

Fifty seven years ago, on the morning of May 22nd, 1957, the Cold War nuclear arms race came incredibly close to explaining to the world, all by itself, exactly why it is such a bad, bad idea. A 42,000-pound, 10-megaton hydrogen bomb, dropped, by accident, from a B-36 bomber of the U.S. Strategic Air Command […]

Of Medicine Men and Ill Remedies

What would the Past have us buy from its wagon of eccentric and exotic, tried and tested methods of healing ourselves? What would it have to offer? Nationalism and imperialism? Fervent racism and intolerance towards everything not closely resembling us and all that is ours? Faith in the supernatural, which in quite a few instances […]

On The Incisiveness of Double-edged Swords

The human condition is beset by a great host of ironical predicaments. The following is one of the multitude that we are faced with in the modern era. The progress of technology, which is furthered by the enrichment of scientific knowledge, continuously offers new ways of making our lives more comfortable. Even though these comforts, […]